Ubisoft Titles Now Available on Impulse

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This week on Impulse, Stardock’s digital distribution system,  titles from Ubisoft have joined and are now available for purchase and download on Impulse.

Ubisoft joins this week with Assassins Creed, Far Cry 2, and Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East.

"Stardock has a proven track record as a publisher of quality PC games and an emerging platform for digital distribution with Impulse," said Andy Swanson, senior director of strategic sales and partnerships at Ubisoft. "We look forward to offering consumers yet another opportunity to play our award-winning franchises and receive our games digitally."

Additional titles will be forthcoming this summer.  For more information, and a free download of the Impulse client, please visit

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Impulse Weekend Buys – June 12th

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Many good things are associated with a Friday, and one of those is weekend sales on Impulse!  This weeks Impulse Weekend Buys are pretty sweet, so it’s once again a good time to get your PC game collection stacked up.

If you are not a current Impulse user, no problem, just grab your free Impulse download from

This weeks Impulse Buys are:

If you are on Twitter, you can follow @impulsedriven for the latest news about sales, updates, and releases!

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Demigod v1.01 Released!

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Stardock has released an updated version of Gas Powered Games popular PC action/strategy game Demigod today.  In Demigod, players take on the role of a powerful demigod whose objective is to defeat similarly powerful opponents in a quest to ascend into the pantheon of the gods.

The game features single player tournaments and skirmish as well as a persistent on-line tournament where players can compete in ranked or unranked games in a variety of ways. 

The new version of Demigod has focused largely on significantly improving the on-line experience of Demigod based on player feedback.

Version 1.01 includes a host of new features and improvements to the game including:

  • Improved on-line connectivity
  • Significantly improved computer AI
  • Better in game detection between those who quit a game versus those who get disconnected
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements
  • More robust storing of online statistics (favor points, achievements, rankings, etc.)
  • Better queuing of player actions in game.
  • Lots of misc. improvements

Demigod users can download the new version via Impulse.  Demigod is available at most retail outlets worldwide or via Impulse ( for $39.95. 

To learn more about Demigod, visit

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Demigod is released!

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Stardock announced today that its much anticipated PC real-time action strategy game, Demigod is now available for purchase at most retail outlets in North America as well as available worldwide digitally via Impulse at the same price ($39.95) no matter where the person is located.

Developed by renowned gaming studio Gas Powered Games, Demigod lets players take control of an immensely powerful being whose goal is to defeat his brethren in a series of epic arenas in order to ascend into the pantheon of the gods. During the course of each battle, players gain experience, purchase equipment, learn magical spells, capture key resources and upgrade their Citadel while working to lay waste the opposing faction.

Demigod battles take place in spectacular environments that are visually stunning and yet still run well on relatively older hardware thanks to a new technology developed by Gas Powered Games that optimizes the way rendering is executed on most video cards.

In single player, Demigod provides both a skirmish mode for individual battles as well as a tournament in which players choose a Demigod and compete against other Demigods controlled by the computer to gain the most favor points with the gods in order to ascend.

In multiplayer, players can compete in online skirmishes in which matches players together based on their skill and experience or participate in the Pantheon, a persistent online tournament in which players choose a faction and earn favor points to through victory in the arena. Wins, losses, experience and much more is available.

Demigod is also the first PC title to make full use of Stardock’s new development platform, Impulse Reactor which provides Demigod with its in-game community features (friends, chat, tournaments, matchmaking, and more).

Like all Stardock games, the retail version of the game contains no DRM or copy protection. It includes Impulse to allow users to update to the latest version or even re-download the entire game. Players can install the game on multiple computers via Impulse without a hassle.

For further details about Demigod, please visit

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Rising to the Pantheon: Demigod Goes Gold

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Stardock announced today that the highly anticipated real-time action strategy PC game, Demigod, has gone gold. Demigod is set to hit store shelves in North America on April 14 and will also be available for download on Stardock’s digital distribution platform Impulse ( Pre-orders are now available on Impulse for both the standard edition ($39.95) and the collector’s edition ($49.95.)

Developed by renowned gaming studio Gas Powered Games, Demigod delivers an epic game experience by combining elements of its acclaimed strategy game Supreme Commander and its award-winning Dungeon Siege role-playing game series.

In Demigod, a god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Players take control of a Demigod, waging war in spectacular arenas against others to ascend to godhood.

Each battle takes place in an arena, where players earn gold and experience in battle which can then be used to acquire new abilities, learn magical spells, purchase better equipment and improve their faction’s Citadel with the goal to lay waste to the opposing faction.

Demigod makes use of Stardock’s Impulse Reactor which provides intelligent match-making, on-line tournaments, player skill ratings, and much more.

For further details about Demigod, please visit  For more information about Stardock please visit

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IGN Blog: Why We Fight

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The latest Demigod blog on IGN is up, and I think the title alone is reason enough to read.  This blog gives a great intro into the story of Demigods, and of course, why they fight. 

“Demigod is a strategy game that adds a host of action RPG elements such as item purchasing, spells, battle experience and much more in order to add a new dimension of skill and excitement for players of real-time strategy games.

Because of Demigod’s RPG roots, the question arises, why are these Demigods fighting? What is their ultimate goal? The short answer is simple: Godhood. The long answer has a great deal more to it. “

That’s all you are going to get from me, now head over to IGN and check out the rest.

Link: Demigod – Why We Fight


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