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Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Computer and Internet, Technology | 1 comment logoI’ve been a Gmail user since the beginning, even way before it was public.  In the years since it has been my mostly primary e-mail, although I regularly used my (at the time) accounts as well.  I’ve been wanting to fully switch for a while, but it’s not the easiest thing to do with so many online accounts being tied to that one e-mail.  I don’t like Gmail for numerous reasons, but the latest being the addition of ads disguised as actual e-mails was enough for me to finally make the full switch.  With having Windows 8, Surface, and a Windows Phone, switching fully to is a no-brainer.   It obviously works seamlessly with these devices, and the web interface for is so much cleaner and easier to use than Gmail.

I wanted to share some tips on how I made the switch to other users who are looking to do the same.  It’s still time consuming, but the best advice is to just do it.  Do a little bit at a time and keep at it until the transition is done.

  • Start unsubscribing.  I looked at each e-mail I received in Gmail and decided if I should change the e-mail over to  Much of this is newsletters are similar items.  I just unsubscribed to most except the ones I really want to read which saves both your new inbox from a bunch of useless mail and saves you the time of changing the address.
  • One account at a time.  Just as with the newsletters, when you get an e-mail from say an online store you purchase with, or some other online account, head right over to the account page and change your e-mail to your new one.
  • Use Windows Live Mail to copy e-mail over.  This is one I had to do some research on to find the best way.  As I’m sure many of you do, I have a dedicated folder setup where I send all my mail I need to keep.  Over the years this has gotten huge and I wanted to bring all that mail over to  The easiest solution is to install Windows Live Mail and add both your and Gmail accounts.  Once all the folders have synced, you then just copy one folder over to another.  It might take a while depending on how many e-mails you have, but this is the simplest way.
  •  One mailbox.  I have several different e-mail addresses and I was simply tired of having different mail clients and inboxes for each.  I took each e-mail and imported them into and each has it’s own folder that new mail goes into.  Now I can check one mailbox and have access for all my e-mail.

It will still take time to migrate all my accounts to the new e-mail, but I’m off to a great start and I’ve made it as simple as possible.  Now is the time to make the switch from Gmail over to another service, and I recommend


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  1. Dear Spencer,
    likely I got this wrong but I was thinking: by importing into Windows Live Mail all of my gmail emails I would get a local copy of them only. Do you mean that after copying the downloaded gmail account folders over to the ones in Live Mail they will be synched (albeit slowly) and found next also in a web instance of
    Best regards


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